First time ever
The ultimate AI-Powered Coaching System is
here for you
with every bit of support you will ever require
Whether you're already a coach or you want to start fresh, we have an incredible AI-driven system for everyone! A system that leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help you create and take your coaching business to a whole new level, that too working part-time!
The ultimate Coaching System is here for you
Create the life you have always wanted!
Whether you are already a coach and have understood the coaching concepts or you are new to this amazing industry of coaching and transformation and want to start with understanding the abc of coaching, we have this incredible system for you that will not just help you create a coaching business but will also help you take it to a whole new level! This is not motivation, this is about transformation. We will first take you through the transformation so that you experience breakthroughs yourself and then you will learn how to deliver that for your clients as a coach. This powerful system will teach you right from understanding who you are as a person all the way to creating your ultimate Success Blueprint. And that’s not all, after all this, we’re working with you to ensure you’re producing results!
The Process
The Incredible You Coach Training is a step by step process of becoming a transformation coach and at the same time making a fortune! Here are those steps-
Get Started
You simply have to register with us. We don't take anyone and everyone. We want people who are driven to help others and even before that, ready to go through the transformation themselves!
90 Day Training
Coaching doesn't just mean helping.

In 90 days, we will train you from A to Z. Literally everything! We will put you on a Fast Start Program for a boosted head start, and we will give you a full step by step training on how to first transform yourself and then how to use the same AI-powered system to transform others!

In this 90 day training, we will not only give you access to the coaching tools but we will also train you on how to use them effectively when you will be coaching your clients!

The training is a combination of online coaching system + weekly meetings + assignments to keep you on track. You cannot go wrong!
Once you have successfully completed the 90 day training with us, we will certify you as an Arfeen Khan Certified Incredible Coach (AKCIC). This helps hugely because you won't have to go through the headache of building your credibility, instead use Arfeen's!
The biggest headache of getting clients, we will take it on! We pride ourselves with having one of India's top marketing strategists on our team, along with AI-driven marketing automation tools! So once you're certified and all set, you don't have to worry about where your clients will come from, we will help you with lead generation!
The Fortune
Once you have the leads, we also train you on how to convert them into paying clients with the aid of AI-powered sales and persuasion techniques! So ultimately, we're helping you in a handheld manner till you're making income with coaching your clients! Hang on, there's more!
The Power of our Mastermind Group
Believe it or not, but the people we spend time with do have an effect on us. We need to choose carefully who we spend maximum of our time with, are these people toxic for us or do they empower us to take massive actions toward our success? We have built a Mega Mastermind Group of coaches who meet each other on a weekly basis and help and push each other in this extraordinary journey of transformation!
The Story
Everyone who is part of this program, has their own story, their own challenges, their own vision and mission. What’s your story?

Arfeen Khan

is a world renowned Peak Performance Strategist, Speaker and Consultant
Arfeen has helped create personal and professional transformation. It is Arfeen’s mission to provide tools and strategies that you will need to help others transform themselves completely. That is why Arfeen has brought this ultimate coaching system to you for the very first time! This is the same system that Arfeen uses with his elite celebrity clients.
Author of
I have worked with almost every kind of human being on this planet in multiple countries and have realized that people do need help to transcend beyond their own limiting beliefs and harness their true potential for a better life. We need more coaches than ever before and you can be the one to transform someone’s life out there! Even one life changed for good is worth the purpose, why not make it a mission and join hands together to create the ultimate transformation in the world! I’m waiting for you on the other side, to begin an incredible journey of transformation!
Arfeen Khan